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Karen welcomes Thomas White, J.D. and Sanford Danziger, M.D., co-founders of TPR Enterprises.  TRP is a training consulting company that works with major companies and hospitals (American Express US Airways and Johns Hopkins Medical Center) as well as small companies to help employees learn how to stay positive, productive and effective no matter the situation.  To goal is to become a totally responsible person (TRP).;;

aren welcomes William Divinski, who is recently retired from a 35-year career as a senior manager with the Canada Revenue Agency.  (Canada’s version of the IRS)  Bill has developed and delivered several workshops on such topics as the Science of Management, Generational Diversity in the workplace and Spirituality and the Workplace in the Public Service.  For the first time since retirement, Bill will be able to speak as a citizen, not as a member of Canada’s government. Join Bill and Karen for a discussion on the role of spirituality in government careers.  Learn how the public sector is different than the private one when it comes to issues around spirituality, even in a progressive country like Canada. 

During this show, Karen welcomes Susan Steinbrecher, Founder, President and CEO of Steinbrecher And Associates, Inc. and co-author of Heart Centered Leadership; An Invitation to Lead from the Inside Out.  Her company is a results-oriented training and consulting firm specializing in communications, guest service and leadership development.  Susan’s work with her clients has allowed her to develop the concepts and action points presented in the book. Be sure to join Susan and Karen for a practical discussion on the process and benefits of “Heart Centered Leadership.” 


Karen welcomes Retta Blaney award winning reporter, theater critic and author of Working on the Inside: The Spiritual Life through the Eyes of Actors along with a very special guest, Tony and Emmy Award winning actor Edward Herrmann, currently one of the stars of the hit series The Gilmore Girls.  Ed, Retta and Karen will explore how actors integrate their spiritual selves into the business of acting.  We’ll learn why spirituality is so important to actors and why they rarely talk publicly about it.  We will also learn about a wonderful event in New York City called Broadway Blessing that celebrates its tenth anniversary on September 18th, 7 p.m. at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine.


9/15/2006 - "SEEKING THE SACRED "

Karen welcomes back Martin Rutte, President of Livelihood, co-author of the New York Times Business Best Seller Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work and Chair of the new Seeking the SacredCentre for Spirituality and the Workplace, at the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada. During the show, Karen and Martin will discuss the new book Martin has co-authored called Seeking the Sacred: Leading a Spiritual Life in a Secular World.  The book covers a broad range of issues including consciousness, spirituality, social justice, ethics and philosophy.  We will also explore Martin’s topic, what it would take to create heaven on earth.  Please be sure to listen again as we have the special honor of hearing Martin’s words of wisdom.


This week, Karen welcomes Gary Cohen, co-founder of Co2Partners, an executive coaching and search firm. Gary is an entrepreneur who has grown a company from 2 to 2,220 employees.  After 18 years of leading a company in an industry that went from go-go to no-go, Gary has experienced the entire corporate lifecycle and weathered the constant up-and-down transitions. During the show, Karen and Gary will discuss moving down the path of leadership, values and exploring the spiritual path as a leader.  We will explore what the values of love, authenticity, regards, enthusiasm, curiosity and commerce mean to a leader and to an entrepreneur. 

Karen welcomes Rosemary Williams, director of Women’s Perspective and co- author of of A Woman's Book of Money and Spiritual Vision: Putting Your Financial Values into Spiritual Perspective  and Patricia Francek, co-founder of Full Circle, Inc. During the show, Karen, Pat and Rosemary will discuss how to unmask our powerful, money messages and replace them with new ideas that center on financial and spiritual unity.  Be sure to tune is as we journey together to awaken our personal passion and connect it to our performance.


Karen welcomes Christine Ward, consultant to the Clinton Global Initiative and former President of Chances for Children, Inc. a New York based not for profit founded with The Duchess of York. During the show, Karen and Christine will discuss how we can all make a difference in the world through small, creative local events.  We’ll hear how she manages to plan and hold events that raise money locally for global tragedies like the tsunami in Sri Lanka and the earthquake in Pakistan while running a home and raising four children.  Tune in to be inspired to take small steps that will have great benefit.


Karen welcomes Julia Burazer, co-founder of Allways Tours and manager of California Fresh Buffet along with TRP Enterprise Trainer, President of the Board of the Human Services Alliance and California Fresh Buffet Volunteer Susan Baggett. During the show, Karen, Julia and Susan will discuss how California Fresh Buffet is a successful restaurant that thrives on employing totally responsible people.  How it manages to be a totally responsible restaurant that gives all its profits to charity.  If you think that inspirational dining is only for the patrons, be sure to tune in. 


Karen welcomes Tibetan musician Tenzin Choegyal.  Since his world music debut in 1997 in Australia, Tenzin has become a music festival regular who draws on his traditional Tibetan roots to create music which expresses his thoroughly modern life.  Tenzin’s cantering rhythms, soaring vocals and flute have enchanted audiences around the globe.  As a child, Tenzin would listen to his mother singing in the nomadic style and he attributes much of his passion for that genre to these early influences. Tenzin feels a particular connection to the music of the wandering people of his homeland. During the show, Karen and Tenzin Choegyal, who is in the US working with The Montessori School in Wilton, Connecticut, will explore how he keeps alive the traditions of Tibet though his music and music and mystical arts workshops.  We’ll discuss how he teaches compassion in the hopes of creating world peace.


Karen welcomes Mary Zeman, the Director of The Montessori School in Wilton, CT where last week’s guest Tenzin Choegyal has been teaching the children about Tibetan culture, music and art while Tenzin Samten a Tibetan Buddhist Monk creates a sand mandala for peace. During the show, Karen and Mary will discuss the reaction of the school community to this cultural event.  We will talk about how the school creates a spiritual environment that nurtures the development of compassionate citizens of the world while not being religious.  Be sure to tune in for some terrific insights for managers and parents alike.


11/17/2006 - "GOD'S TROUBLEMAKERS"
Karen welcomes The Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson who is currently the Executive Vice President of Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City. She oversees the educational program, multi-faith programs for women, corporate executives, and Face to Face/Faith to Faith, a multi-faith leadership program for teenagers from around the world.  She is also responsible for fundraising and day to day operations of the seminary. Seeking the SacredDuring the show, Karen and Katherine will discuss her new book God’s Troublemakers: How Women of Faith are Changing the World.  Learn who these women are, what they are doing to change the world and how we can all think like them as we move through our career and family lives.  

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