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MARCH 17, 2006
Karen welcomes David Miller, Executive Director of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture . David leads the Center’s “Ethics and Spirituality in the Workplace” program and also teaches business ethics at Yale Divinity School and Yale School of Management. During the show with David we explore his heartfelt belief that “Faith should not be locked away in stained glass buildings. Rather, it should be found in the nitty-gritty of daily business; not in simplistic slogans or clichés, but in forming who we are and how we lead our organizations." (

MARCH 24, 2006
Karen welcomes Gary Malkin an Emmy, ASCAP, and CLIO award-winning composer/producer, performer and speaker who is dedicated to using his values and talents to support positive social change and to help create a more compassionate world.  During the show with Gary, we will explore the greater role music can play as a healing, transformative force for patients, family and caregivers.  We will talk about how the acclaimed Book and CD set, Graceful Passages: A Companion For Living and Dying, and his initiative Care for the Journey: Sustaining the Heart of Healthcare.  (,

MARCH 31, 2006
Karen welcomes Ann Ranson, founder of Intentions Work, a personal coaching company dedicated to providing spiritual guidance for a life of meaning, purpose, fulfillment and joy. Ann talks about her own path from radio executive to founding Intentions Work and shares her perspectives on ways to initiate change, achieve success and fully embrace life. Join Karen and Ann to hear practical tips that you can put to work right away. (

APRIL 7, 2006
Karen welcomes Helen LaKelly Hunt, founder and president of The Sister Fund, a private women’s fund dedicated to the social, political, economic, and spiritual empowerment of women and girls.  Helen has been active in the women’s movement for over eighteen years, helping to found a number of women’s funding institutions.  Karen will discuss with Helen how her spirituality led to the creation of The Sister Fund and how her passion for the history of great women led to her book, Faith and Feminism.  We will also hear about “Her Code,” a new web initiative in concert with the launch of the movie The DaVinci Code that will be a place for all women to explore their own relationship with faith. (

APRIL 14, 2006
Karen welcomes best selling author Joshua M. Greene to discuss his captivating motivational program designed for business executives who seek personal satisfactions to complement their corporate career. Greene’s best-selling biography Here Comes the Sun: The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison sets the scene for this exploration of simple, practical tips for balancing internal and external achievement. Joshua will share some practical techniques listeners can use in their own careers.  Tune in for an entertaining and enlightening hour. (

APRIL 21, 2006
Karen welcomes Michael A. Stephen to discuss his personal experiences as a spiritual Chairman of Aetna International Inc. and his book, Spirituality in Business – The Hidden Success Factor.  For many years Mr. Stephen has focused on the creation of a business environment where managers experience individual and personal transformation, which in turn assures organizational growth and development.  It is in this environment where competitive advantage is created and nurtured.  During the show, he will share how this can happen for you and in your organization. To order book send email to: $12.95/US $17.95/CA plus shipping.

MAY 5, 2006
Karen welcomes Kenneth Moore, co-author of The CEO and the Monk: One Company’s Journey to Profit and Purpose, a top-ten best selling business book on  Moore is the Director of Human Resources and Corporate Ombudsman for KeySpan Corporation, a multi-billion dollar New York City Fortune 500 Energy Company.   Prior to his 20 years in corporate life, Moore spent 15 years in a monastic community as a Catholic priest.  During the show Kenny will help us to think about making the office a more soulful and honest place while increasing profits. We’ll discuss actionable tips from the book about reinforcing diversity, community service, mutual respect among colleagues, and customer satisfaction.  “Remember that most people are doing the best they can. When I worked in the monastery, 10 percent of the people I met were saints; 10 percent were self-serving rascals; 80 percent were just ordinary folks trying to make improvements to an inherently flawed human system. I found the same when I joined corporate life,” says Kenny.  Be sure to join us and hear more of his wisdom.

MAY 12, 2006
Karen welcomes Christine Raymond, founder of, a web community forum that focuses on how individual spiritual commitment on the job makes for better employees, a better workplace and a better corporate contribution to the world at large.  Having a productive and positive workplace is more challenging than it has ever been. Almost 25% of workers say they are dissatisfied with their jobs and many are stressed, stretched and overworked. And yet, 90% of Americans pray, 78% say they need to experience spiritual growth, and on any given day 48% of American workers say they talked about their faith at work that day. If you want to bring your “whole self” to work, listen in as Karen talks to Chris about her personal spiritual journey and how the Spirit On the Job website can help each of us with our own journeys.

MAY 19, 2006
Karen welcomes David Rivers, President/CEO of Rivers Capital Investment and former basketball star at Notre Dame, LA Lakers Champion, European Champion & Int'l Player of the year.  David is a leader by example, exhibiting character and professionalism in every experience of his personal life and public career.  His philosophy is simple; no dream is ever too big or too great, if one believes in their pursuit, maintains a spiritual faith and commits to hard work. 
While achieving success as a professional athlete winning championships, individual accolades, setting professional records both in the US and in International sports arenas, he has been working with charities and building company’s such as Rivers Capital Investments Inc. whose many subsidiaries all focus on supporting and creating good.  His newest venture is YTB Travel Biz, a global travel services agency designed and proven to facilitate significant individual and corporate savings, while increasing donations to non-profit and charitable organizations.  Tune in to hear how David’s vision, leadership and faith have proven to be valuable assets as he encourages individuals, communities, professional athletes and corporations to achieve greatness.

MAY 26, 2006
Karen welcomes Jim Francek, Senior Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs, CO where he works with medium and large multinational corporations on leadership development & training, executive coaching, change management, team development, group facilitation, and organizational culture interventions.  A recent Financial Times survey ranked The Center for Creative Leadership among the world’s top five places for executive education.
Jim and Karen will discuss how fear and greed debilitate our leadership qualities as well as our happiness.  Tune in for an interesting dialog that will explore how we can begin to think differently about our own role as a leader both at work and at home.

JUNE 2, 2006
Karen welcomes Richard Reoch, President of Shambhala, one of the western world’s largest Buddhist organizations. Shambhala has 175 meditation centers and groups in over 20 countries. Born into a Buddhist family in Canada, Richard has devoted his working life to defending human rights, protecting the environment and promoting peace. Formerly the global media chief of Amnesty International (, Richard is a trustee of the Rainforest Foundation (, and he heads the International Working Group on Sri Lanka, an organization dedicated to ending the Buddhist world’s longest running war. Join Richard and Karen as they discuss how the skills used in negotiating for human rights are valid in our everyday life, how a contemplative practice can nourish a compassionate foundation and how small individual acts can change the world.

JUNE 9, 2006
Karen welcomes Muzzy Rosenblatt, the Executive Director of the Bowery Residents’ Committee (BRC), one of New York City’s most comprehensive social services agencies.  Through its holistic and individualized approach to service, BRC helps thousands of homeless men and women gain the knowledge and skills they need to help themselves to overcome adversity and dependency; regain their health, mental health and sobriety; restore their self-sufficiency and self-respect.  Since arriving in 2000, Muzzy has led the agency through a period of growth that has strengthened its financial condition, improved the quality of services provided, and established BRC as a leader and innovator among not-for-profit social services agencies.

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