March 24, 2006

Gary Malkin, Emmy Award winning composer, Founder and CEO of Wisdom of the World


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His Biography

Gary Malkin is an award-winning composer, producer, performer, and recording artist, dedicated to making a difference in the world by creating music that inspires the heart and catalyzes social change. He is also an articulate speaker and educator who is passionate about the healing role music and the arts can play in health care.

Malkin is a strong believer in the need for the integration of an inter-faith spirituality into the fabric of our society and in the power of music and the arts as a vital catalyst in bringing this about. Together, with healing music artist and creative partner, Michael Stillwater, he conceived and created the innovative format featured in the book and CD set, Graceful Passages: A Companion For Living and Dying, which has been introduced to meet the spiritual issues of mortality in an aesthetic way. This acclaimed resource broke new ground in the field of non-pharmacological audio interventions and has been endorsed by nationally known figures in the health care, entertainment and educational arenas.  In June of 2005, he and Stillwater received the first annual Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Award for significant contribution to the field of End of Life, sharing the award with Frank Ostaseski of the Alaya institute, and Roshi Joan Halifax.

Founder and CEO of Wisdom of the World, (a life-enhancing media production company), and co-founder of Companion Arts, (a nonprofit educational resource provider), Malkin is an inspiring speaker and performer, offering his presentations and workshops at conferences internationally. In partnership with Companion Arts, he has recently released the new care for the caregiver audio resource, Care for the Journey: Messages and Music for the Sustaining the Heart of Healthcare. Through his performances and speaking engagements, he serves healthcare and faith communities addressing themes such as acceptance, the arts in healing, and the integration of spirituality and health.

He has offered trainings, presentations, and concerts for Harvard Medical School’s Conference on Spirituality and Health, The National Hospice and Palliative Care Association, The British Columbia Hospice and Palliative Care Association, The Institute for Noetic Sciences, The Center for Integrated Medicine, (in Vancouver, Canada,) as well as the Sunstone Cancer Center, in Tucson, Arizona, among many others.

He continues to serve as artistic director for live presentations based on socially relevant themes, and created the innovative interfaith concert series, SpiritAlive! One event, honoring the power of altruism, commemorated the one-year anniversary of September 11th, and was held at the Washington National Cathedral. He serves as the Artistic Director for the Quest for Global Healing Conferences, featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in Bali, Indonesia.  He resides in Northern California, with his teen-age daughter and continues to create music for television and film projects for his music production company, Musaic.

David serves as an advisor to several corporate CEO's and senior executives on questions pertaining to ethics, values, integrating faith and work, and becoming a faith-friendly company. He is a frequent speaker at gatherings of business leaders, industry associations, academic conferences, and large church programs. His views are often cited in the media, including in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Dallas Morning News, Fortune Magazine, Forbes, NPR, ABC, NBC, and CNN.

David finds inspiration in the lives and writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King, Jr., and John Stott. Married to Karen, a former lawyer and law school professor, he enjoys being with his nieces, playing tennis, bridge, and tandem cycling. He is active in the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

A very special testimonial:

"Karen Humphries Sallick is the best interviewer I've had the pleasure of working with over the past 20 years. Her preparation is impeccable, and her enthusiasm contagious. 'Embracing the Journey' is a fabulous program, so much needed at this time in history."
- Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of
"Inner Peace for Busy People" and "Saying YES to Change"


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