David Rivers, President/CEO of Rivers Capital Investment and former basketball star at Notre Dame, LA Lakers Champion, European Champion & Int'l Player of the year.



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His Biography

David RiversDavid Rivers is a leader by example, exhibiting character and professionalism in every experience of his personal life and public career.  With an entrepreneurial spirit and the genuine desire to help those less fortunate, David Rivers not only inspires, but challenges many to go beyond what is perceived to be ones limitations.  His philosophy is simple; no dream is ever too big or too great, if one believes in their pursuit, maintains a spiritual faith and commits to hard work.  David’s philosophy is manifested in his core values developed as a young man and entrepreneur (Solving People Problems, Doing Good Business with Win-Win Results!); he has great respect for individual character and constant professionalism.  Born and raised in Jersey City, NJ, David is a graduate of St. Anthony’s High School and the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Behavioral Psychology.

Simultaneously he has achieved success as a professional athlete winning championships, individual accolades, setting professional records both in the US and in International sports arenas.  All the while he has been working with charities (Turkish Boys Club, YMCA, Sweet Water Pre K Lunch Program), launching projects and building company’s such as River’s Capital Investments Inc whose many subsidiaries all focus on supporting and creating good.  His newest venture is YTB Travel Biz, a global travel services agency designed and proven to facilitate significant individual and corporate savings, while increasing donations to non-profit and charitable organizations.  David’s vision, leadership and faith have proven to be valuable assets as he encourages individuals, communities, professional athletes and corporations to achieve greatness.

  • Notre Dame (ND), led the "Fighting Irish" to four NCAA Tournament berths, elected MVP all four years,  was named the NCAA's Most Courageous Athlete of the Year in 1987.

  • NBA first round draft pick by the world champion Los Angeles Lakers.

  • 1989 NBA Conference Champions title with L A Lakers.

  • L.A. Clippers, where he played for 1yr 1/2 seasons, in which the team earned its first playoff berth in franchise history.

  • CBA Championship in 1991-1992, was named the League MVP, and broke many CBA records, some of which still stand today.

  • 1993, professional career took him to Europe, where he began to redefine the traditional

  • European perspective of how the point position should be played.

  • France National League Champion and MVP 94’, 95’, and league MVP.

  • All-star Game MVP.

  • Greece National League Champion 1996 and MVP. 1997 Greek Cup Champions, and MVP National League Champions, and MVP, European Champions, and MVP.

  • 1997 European ALLSTAR Game MVP.

  • 1998 Italy National Cup Champions and MVP.

  • 1996-97 First American ever to be vote European Player of the Year by the Coaches, and Media.

  • 1999 Turkey National League Champions, Turkey National Cup Champions.

  • 1998 Co Founder of the American International Players Association. An organization designed to assist and support professional athletes competing internationally.

  • 1999 and 2000 Turkey National League Champions and MVP. National Cup Champions and MVP. And League MVP.

  • Voted to the European ALLSTAR Team Four consecutive Times 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000.

  • 2001-2002 Spent developing the American International Players Association LLC (AIPA) and AIPA TV. Making history with the airing of the 1st   International League Basketball Game to over 50 million households in the US & Canadian territories.


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