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Carole HyattCarole Hyatt has been addressing career subjects in her best-selling books, lecture tours, and television appearances for the past 35 years. She is an acknowledged leader in the work field. Her books, The New Woman's Selling Game, Shifting Gears, When Smart People Fail, and Lifetime Employability have helped millions of people throughout the world effectively identify and accomplish their goals. Her works have been reviewed as seminal and she is frequently quoted in the media.

Carole's Leadership Forum seminars are attended worldwide by top executive women from diverse fields who are interested in assessing and advancing their careers. Her workshop attendees have benefited from the support and skill she provides though an analysis of their needs and examination of alternative means of meeting them. Ms. Hyatt is a powerful facilitator and conducts focus and ideation groups for Fortune 500 companies.

Carole has been a pioneer is social behavior research. She co-founded the first market and social behavior research company in America to specialize in the youth area. The firm later expanded and pioneered documenting the affects of women moving into the workforce. Their innovative methodologies were pivotal in the research arena and are still being utilized today. The company was acquired by McCollum Spielman Research in 1986.

Carole is a member of the board of directors and advisory of numerous organizations and start-up corporations. She has served on the International Women's Forum where she was Vice President in charge of Global Development. She served on the Women's Leadership Board of the JFK School of Government at Harvard University and the Avon Women of Enterprise Board. She has also served of the faculties of The New School for Social Research, Hunter Graduate School, New York University and The Woman's School, and lectures in colleges and universities worldwide.  She currently serves on the executive committee of Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Mass., Aston Magna Baroque Music Festival in Great Barrington, Mass, and on the boards of scores of women-owned start-up business corporations.

Carole has had a lifelong interest in mentoring women and has served as a model for women aspiring to leadership roles throughout the world. She works with high-powered executives and has been called "the guru's guru". She travels worldwide leading workshops that inspire and motivate both women and men to lead fulfilling work lives. The Carole Hyatt Success Center in Tokyo existed for fourteen years during the Japanese bubble. 

Carole is married to Gordon Hyatt, an award-winning documentary TV producer. Their daughter, Ariel Hyatt, is a pioneer entrepreneur promoting rock bands with her innovative digital PR techniques.

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