March 31, 2006

Ann Ranson, founder of Intentions Work



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Her Biography

Ann Ranson is a dynamic spiritual life coach, teacher and public speaker.  She connects deeply with clients and audiences as she shares her perspectives on ways to initiate change, achieve success and fully embrace life.  To assist individuals on their journey toward greater joy, fulfillment and balance, Ms. Ranson employs a proven excavation process that helps uncover the rarest of all treasures – the true, authentic self that lies hidden within. 

Most recently, and prior to founding Intentions Work in the fall of 2005, Ms. Ranson was Director of Marketing for Interep Marketing Group, a division of Interep Radio, where she continues her affiliation as an Independent Contractor helping Fortune 500 companies, such as General Motors. DHL Worldwide Express and Lincoln Mercury develop unique and clutter-busting marketing programs. 

Before joining Interep, Ms. Ranson spent over 20 years in sales, marketing and management positions with top radio stations in the Dallas/Ft Worth market including several years directing the sales operation for the Texas State Network and Dallas Cowboys Radio Network.  In 1996, she was nominated for an Award of Excellence in the Account Executive category in Dallas/Ft. Worth by American Women in Radio & Television.  In spring 2002, Ann received a Topaz Award, the highest company recognition for the Highest Single Revenue Sale. 

Ms. Ranson began teaching classes and workshops in 2002, focused on spiritual and personal development.  She draws on years of mystical study, her personal experiences of transformation, and lessons learned during a successful career in sales and marketing to guide and inspire others on their quest for a deeper and more balanced life experience.  

In all of her work, Ms. Ranson’s philosophy has been to under-promise and over-deliver - whether to her clients, her colleagues and her managers.  Personal integrity has been her credo and has helped her to grow professionally and led her to always do work that is in the best interest of her clients. 

Ms. Ranson began public speaking by joining Toastmasters International in 2000 and earning the CTM designation in 2003.  She is involved in school and church activities, various civic and service organizations and in her spare time loves to dance, attend her son’s football games and spend time with her son and dog, Sparky in their home in Plano, Texas.

A very special testimonial:

"Karen Humphries Sallick is the best interviewer I've had the pleasure of working with over the past 20 years. Her preparation is impeccable, and her enthusiasm contagious. 'Embracing the Journey' is a fabulous program, so much needed at this time in history."
- Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of
"Inner Peace for Busy People" and "Saying YES to Change"


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