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Tenzin CheoegyalAnders Ferguson advises, finances and manages emerging and mid-size companies on the leading edge of wellbeing and sustainability.  He targets the wellbeing, organic foods and sustainable energy sectors focusing on innovative capital formation, corporate restructuring, generative values-based leadership, and advising management and boards on key, long-term strategy/vision. 

Anders is a founding partner of Uplift Equity Partners, a Global Private Equity Fund investing in SustainableWellbeing businesses managed with generative leadership. He also co-founded Spirit in Business and the Global Leaders Academy that connects leaders in a community of inquiry, learning, and action accelerating interconnectedness as the primary driver of high performance and lasting personal, organizational and global prosperity.

Anders founded, managed or directed four companies focused on wellbeing/sustainable products and services: 1) New Roots Magazine; 2) New England Country Dairy; 3) Northeast Cooperatives; and 4) the Cooperative Development Institute.  He has raised more than $50m in equity, debt, foundation and government funding.  He has been a partner or advisor to three Investment Banks: Catalyst Financial, Meadowbrook Lane Capital and Natures Equity.  He is a recognized expert in cooperative, employee-owned and multi-stakeholder management and structuring.  Ferguson has been actively involved in the sale and purchase of 10 firms. 

Other accomplishments include: 1) co-produced the watershed Spirit in Business World Conference: Ethics, Mindfulness and the Bottomline, in New York City April 2002; 2) comprehensively reorganized the trade association of the Organic Foods Industry in 1990-1; 3) planned and launched the development of 6 sustainable Energy Cooperatives in the Northeast in response to the restructuring of the utility industry during the late 1990’s; and 4) co-founded CooperationWorks! the national cooperative development network now integrating 22 development companies throughout the U.S.

Anders speaks frequently in the fields of high-performance generative leadership, cooperative business and sustainable development. He has led study and trade tours to the Mondragon Cooperatives in the Basque region of Spain, the Co-op Atlantic System in Atlantic Canada, and the New Generation Cooperatives of N. Dakota and Minnesota.

Anders graduated from Oberlin College, B.A., in History and Environmental Studies and has studied agriculture at Purdue University.  He is a meditator, yoga and qigong practitioner, avid hiker and biker, and lover of agriculture. Anders has lived in rural China, traveled India, and spends 2 months/year in Europe. He lives in the rural community of Shelburne Falls, MA…famous for our Bridge of Flowers and Salmon Falls and is the stepfather of 7 wonderful beings.

In addition to his other charitable endeavors, Anders served as a director of the National Cooperative Business Association and a member of Cooperative Development Foundation.

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