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Peggie PelosiFr. Andrew is a Diocesan priest ordained by the Archdiocese of New York in 1996. His current assignment is at Holy Family in the Bronx, most famous as the parish of Jennifer Lopez. Previously he served for 6 years at Holy Trinity parish on the Upper West Side of New York since a few days before 9/11. In addition to his service of the Archdiocese, he is also a visual artist and feels that church and art must go together like subject and verb, more so now because of the paradigms of the sacred shift along with our lives.

Fr. Andrew is the fifth of nine children from New Haven, Connecticut, though his family relocated from the mid-west in the early 1970’s. He founded a non-profit organization, Sacredartheals, in 2000 in order to collaborate with artists. His projects have been tried and tested in Catholic parishes from Paris, France to Pascagoula, Mississippi and are meant to be copied. The British Arts Council sponsored a documentary film on a fellow artist Chris Knight’s work including Fr. Andrew’s and Chris’ collaboration over the years. The film makers were in New York in March 2007 for a multimedia mass at Holy Trinity. It was an experiment in using large scale video in liturgy.
In 2005 Fr. Andrew created Goods of Conscience after a retreat in rural Guatemala. The original goal was to preserve the tradition of back-strap weaving which has become a lost art since fewer and fewer people are clothed in traditional garments. Along with preserving this art he wanted to provide the weavers a living wage. This initial idea grew into what Goods of Conscience has become today; an apparel line that employs Mayan Indian weavers in Guatemala and underemployed sewers in the Bronx to produce clothes that look good, feel good and do good

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