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5/16/08 -"Contemplative Inquiry at Work"
Karen welcomes David Sable. A teacher of Buddhism and meditation for more than thirty years, David studies the impact of contemplative practices on critical thinking and how that practice impacts the workplace of today and will impact the work places of tomorrow.  His unique experiences as a management consultant and a Buddhist meditation teacher combine perfectly for his work exploring the role of spirituality and business at St. Mary’s University Centre for Business and Spirituality where he is also on the board of directors. David will lead Karen through the main steps of a contemplative inquiry practice.  Listeners will be able to follow along and learn this helpful technique.  We will also discuss how to apply what you learn through the exercise to your everyday life. 

5/23/08 -"Sharing Native Wisdom with a Modern Business World"
How can Indigenous wisdom guide our contemporary world?  What lessons of leadership, respect and trust can we take into the workplace to bring greater peace, happiness and productivity? Tune in this week to hear a Lakota tribal leader committed to sharing Indigenous wisdom and healing practices with the contemporary world. Phillip Scott, Chief Tsunka Wakan Sapa, is founder/director of Ancestral Voice ~ Center for Indigenous Lifeways, where, through Native wisdom and practices, seekers learn and discover ways to live with intent, awareness, passion and freedom. Phillip serves as a ceremonial leader, spiritual counselor and educator in universities, hospitals, hospices, schools and corporations throughout the United States.

5/30/08 -"It’s Cool to Have Spirit – Embracing the Spiritual Foundation of Our Youth"
Tune in this week to meet Elizabeth Dabney Hochman, editor-in-chief of KidSpirit Magazine. KidSpirit is a nonprofit magazine created by and for eleven to fifteen year olds, which examines the deeper side of life in a spirit of openness. Its goal is to empower young teens to explore values, spirituality and life’s big questions in an explicitly non-affiliated and inclusive forum. Each issue centers on a theme chosen by the all-kid Editorial Board, as well as original artwork, poetry and articles by kids around the country. Themes include such complex ideas as materialism, our connection to the earth, the role of myth and ethical issues in science. There is an ongoing focus on ethics in everyday life, volunteerism, spiritual inquiry and human relationships.

8/15/08 -"Uncovering New Career Paths and Possibilities"
Tune in this week to meet Carole Hyatt, founder of The Leadership Forum. Carole is a bestselling author, an international motivational speaker, and an expert on career development and women’s corporate consulting programs. Carole’s Leadership Forum has helped over 1,500 women worldwide accelerate their careers filled with change. Her bestselling books in ten languages have helped millions throughout the world effectively identify and accomplish their goals. Carole will share with us how her Leadership Forum seminars “Getting to Next” and “Building a Better Brain” help executives uncover their own career possibilities, hidden gifts, and the resources to achieve their goals.


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