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More and more business people recognize the importance of spirituality in their work. How do busy professionals discover what rings true for them? Embracing the Journey with Karen Humphries Sallick explores what it means to be spiritually fulfilled in business and how to integrate spiritual direction into a career.
Expert guests, authors and inspiring speakers join Karen every week to discuss such issues as honesty, compassion, generosity, ethics, and integrity in the workplace. Take a positive step forward to greater life balance.


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Friday, October 10, 2008

"Regaining Purpose"

George and Sedena


Guest: George and Sedena Cappannelli, Authors, Authenticity; Simple Strategies for Greater Meaning and Purpose At Work and At Home

Website: www.Authenticity.cc

Question where you’re going? Sometimes feel you’ve lost touch with your sense of direction and purpose? Tune in this week as we welcome George and Sedena Cappannelli, authors of Authenticity; Simple Strategies for Greater Meaning and Purpose At Work and At Home. George and Sedena are business consultants, political advisors, executive/personal coaches, artists, established writers, and lecturers. They combine twenty-five years of creativity, innovation and expertise helping individuals, organizations and communities redefine their vision, develop effective strategies, build strong teams, increase profitability and performance, and establish authenticity. George and Sedena will share with us their concepts and suggestions for living with greater meaning and purpose at work and at home.

Join us to hear George and Sedena talk about Authenticity and be inspired.

Karen Humphries Sallick"Some of us are lucky, our spiritual selves are reflected every day in the work we do and how we live our lives.  For the rest of us, as we become more spiritual, a gap grows between our inner selves and our work selves.  This split between work and self can motivate us to find a resolution or it can begin a tailspin of unhappiness and lack of productivity at work. 

This issue is so important to so many of us now that “Spirituality in Business” has become a business itself.  Even Harvard Business School runs a seminar on Spirituality and Leadership. I am a busy running my business, trying to raise a family and keep a home.  How can I possibly find the time to review the books and the seminar options?  Where can I hear from people who are further along the path that will inspire me?

So, that is the reason for Embracing the Journey.  Selfishly, to get me motivated to find great books and seminars to share with you and to get the chance to speak with people who are integrating their spirituality with their business lives.  But more importantly the show is meant to share that journey with you.  And every week, if just one of us is inspired enough to begin a journey to close that gap, then we will be making a difference together. 

-- Karen

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